Easiest Roast Chicken

I want to start by saying that roasting whole poultry is not something I do on the reg. I've been avoiding it ever since I had to pull the bagged guts out of a chicken as a pre-teen, following the patient directions of my mother, who was stuck at the office. 

When I finally got a dutch oven (can't recommend the Lodge Coated Dutch Oven enough) I had an idea of trying my hand at roasting a chicken, 15 years later. And let me tell you - I've really been missing out!

If you're in any way afraid or daunted by a whole chicken: don't be. It's pretty foolproof, and it makes you look like a skilled adult.

I followed Bowl of Delicious's Lemon, Garlic, and Rosemary Whole Roast Chicken recipe, and was glad that I did.

My only addition? Doubling the amount of garlic. I couldn't resist.

Nearly three hours after I started... 

Success! The chicken was tasty, moist, and the remains made for some fantastic home made chicken stock. 

My only recommendation is to not start this process when you get home from work, hoping to eat it the same day. Let's just say I had to have a few snacks while I waited.

Get the full recipe at A Bowl of Delicious